SoundExtreme Mounting Bracket SE V1 Kit


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 Version 1 of our mounting bracket.  Right Angle brackets mount to the top of the Sound Extreme speaker using 1/4 20 mounting screws.

If you want to take your music with you wherever you go, what better way to do this than by mounting your sound system to your vehicle? With our SoundExtreme mounting bracket kit, you can install your SoundExtreme speaker on any powersports vehicle, ATV, golf cart and speed boat!

 These mount brackets are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing strong support for your SoundExtreme soundbar. They’re designed to keep your speakers steady when you’re driving through the roughest of terrains in the New Zealand outback or sailing on the stormiest seas, keeping your soundbar safe from damage and making sure that your music goes uninterrupted.

 The brackets are also easy to remove and install, so you can quickly install your soundbar onto another vehicle and due to their durability, you can use these brackets for a long time and on many vehicles.

 Thanks to their versatility, these mount brackets can be used to install your speakers on the vehicle’s canopy or dashboard, whichever place is convenient for you.  

 The brackets are compatible with a range of our SoundExtreme soundbars including the SoundExtreme 26’’, SoundExtreme 18”, SoundExtreme SEB 26”, and SoundExtreme SEDS 32”.

The set Includes:

  • Right Angle mounting brackets
  • Rubber pads
  • 2 sets of hose clamps (Medium and Large) to accommodate different soundbar sizes
  • Assorted screws of variable lengths, washers and bolts 
  • 12v power cable 

Please Note:  All SoundExtreme's come with the V3 bracket included in the box.  This V1 bracket is offered as an additional item if your custom installation would need this type of mounting configuration. 

If you want to custom install your SoundExtreme soundbar, then this mounting bracket kit is a great accessory to have!