ECOXGEAR is a registered trademark of Enfinity Pty Ltd in both Australia and New Zealand. Our warrantor is listed as Enfinity Pty Limited ABN 80 633 367 987 (“Enfinity”), the details are as follows.



Service Division

Unit 4 45-53 Davies Road, Padstow NSW 2211

Phone: 1300 883 085


Enfinity assures the original purchaser that their products will be free from errors in both materials and craftsmanship for the extent of the ECOXGEAR speaker warranty period. 


Enfinity issues ECOXGEAR speakers a warranty period of 3 years if registered and a twelve months warranty if not. Terms and conditions for the warranty periods are as follows:

  • Satisfactory evidence of the original purchase is supplied.
  • The product is maintained to a reasonable standard and that recommendations in the Enfinity Owner’s Manual have been adhered to.
  • The product has not been altered or configured by none-ECOXGEAR products.
  • It has not been repaired by any individual who has not been authorised as an Enfinity Repair Agent in a matter that is covered by this warranty.
  • Improperly installed in a manner that contradicts the relevant Owner’s Manual.

This ECOXGEAR speaker warranty is only valid starting from the date of the original sale and in its country of purchase. It covers both the product and the additional accessories included in the purchase. 

Once the warranty period has expired, it will have no further effect.

If you wish to redeem your ECOXGEAR speaker warranty and your circumstances align with the outlined guidelines, please follow these instructions:


  • Return your product to the warrantor. 
  • Provide evidence of your purchase, such as a sales receipt, along with a detailed description of the issue.

 For a full overview of our warranty terms and conditions, please visit our Warranty and Returns page.